Episode 14: Mom Down !


Hey moms, did you know that you used up all your sick days before your baby showed up? No calling out now! So what happens when mom goes down? When she has the flu, or she’s hungover, or she’s pregnant again, or she (oh shit!) breaks her shoulder?? Then what? I guess dad just does everything and she sleeps til she’s better? Uhhh….yeah….Listen to what happens when mom.goes.down (hint: SOS).

2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Mom Down !

  1. Beautiful ladies, I have to be honest I have wanted to listen to your podcast but I haven’t made time and my crazy nonchild life to listen until today. It’s a great reason to not do homework. I really just wanted to hear what happened to Christine shoulder and see if she was OK. However, I had a wonderful listen! I was laughing out loud while cleaning my room thinking “I wish all the moms I know would listen to this because you guys are so real and so right on and so honest!” Thank you so much for being the beautiful, kind, intelligent, funny women that you are! I will definitely start listening on a regular basis. Keep up the good work of shaping our future!


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