Ep: 21 Welcome to the Jungle


Being a mother can feel like being cluelessly lost in the wilderness with no way out and no one to help you. Usually this is a metaphor. But for one of our hosts it was recently a literal reality. Join us for a very special episode and hear how one of us coped when a 3 mile family walk (without daddy) turned into an overnight  emergency. Mom, what would you do if a regular day turned into a fucking SOS 🚨🚨🚨🚨?

Episode 11: Sex After Childbirth

Remember how 6 weeks after you had your your baby you were healed, rested, gorgeous, feeling sexy as hell and ready to get laid all night long? UM. NO. So WTF is with the doc telling you and your man that you can go all the way at 6 weeks?? What a dick. Listen up as we talk sex after childbirth.

Episode 7 : Conception


So if you know where babies come from, then you know how to get one and how to um…not get one. Right? Wrong. Listen up as we discuss how and when we first became moms. For some of us it was too easy. For some, too hard. And for some….juuuuust right (so right that maybe she planned it to the last lace detail). Warning: if you thought it was the stork, this episode is NOT for you.