The Morning Routine.

No sooner have you bribed, threatened, begged, pleaded for your little angels to go the eff to sleep, it’s time to get up and do the morning routine: get dressed, make lunches, pack bags, and get out the door to school + work with dragging, whiny kids. How come they’re never this tired on a Saturday morning ? Holy shit, the mornings are such a mess it’s almost enough to make us want to homeschool. almost

Free Princess Kate!

Heels, hose, a dress, a blowout, and a photo shoot in front of entire world 7 hours after giving birth to an 8+lb baby. Is this badass or dumbass? Is Princess Kate the ultimate symbol of digging deep female power, or is she like the rest of us: a mom with a shitty job and crappy maternity leave?!? Well we all saw the Crown and we all have babies, so we obvs the experts here!


This week we are talking about getting our kids into school. From daycare to preschool to middle school, we are facing more rejections and waitlists than that time we got a 1 on the SAT and had to re-evaluate our college choices and career dreams. What gives?!?! Oh well, dunno much about skool, but we sure got class! Plus our best #Fail of all time.

You Asked For It !

Momrades!!! You’ve got questions and we’ve got …usually more questions. This week we took parenting questions and personal questions from listeners. We pretty much had no answers for the parenting ones, but between all of us, we were basically able to remember Christine’s nickname. Sorry we can’t help with your kid’s hunger strike, but we love ya!!!

Time Savers.

Hey Momrades!
What’s a mom’s most important resource ? Coffee? wine? Birth control? Delivery? Name of a great sitter? NOPE! It’s…time. No matter what, there’s never enough of it. This week we are chit chatting about what we do to save time. Some are obvious: we haven’t had a shower since 2014. And some are a little more brilliant ….and some are basically child abuse, but we won’t tell if you don’t!


Hey Momrades! what are you responsible for? Omg just kidding we know the answer to that (every-effing-thing). Maybe this is an easier question: is there ANYTHING you’re *NOT* responsible for?!? Anything that’s
NOT YOUR DEPARTMENT? Anything that your partner knows is automatically their problem? This week we are talking about where we draw the line, if we do at all 😳

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